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Amy's Cakes

Periodically Amy is overcome by an urge to create food. Sometimes this food is cake, and in that case she will spend days planning, preparing, and finally building a work of, usually humorous, art. Below are a few photos of some of her creations. There are a number of others that I do not currently have photos of.

South Park Wedding Cake:

South Park Wedding Cake Created as a "wedding cake" for a co-worker (Beth, see below) who was also into cake-baking and loved South Park. The cake & cookies were presented at a surprise party at work with her fiance secretly invited to attend. The cake was a hit, and many of the frosted cookies ended up stuck on office walls instead of being eaten.

Amy with Finished Cake Bride and Groom The Boys Aliens


Boot & Frog 21st Birthday Cake:

Birthday Boot Cake Done This cake was made for Amy's sister's 21st birthday. As her sister was working at REI at the time (outdoor clothing and gear shop), and has a love of all things froggy, Amy chose a hiking boot with 21 frogs as the theme. Cake was chocolate through-and-through.

Birthday Boot Cake Done Birthday Boot Cake


Motorcycle Birthday Cake:

Motorcycle Birthday Cake

This cake was made for a number of birthdays being celebrated at a BBQ by our friends in the Seattle area sportbike community. Since most of the group are relatively young guys, a scantily clad lady on a motorcycle seemed appropriate. The cake, unfortunately, suffered some sagging in the center during transport as was made by car over a very bumpy and pot-holed dirt road to the BBQ location. The motorcycle was modeled after Erik's Suzuki TL1000R.

Back of Motorcycle Birthday Cake

Christmas Cookie Cakes:

Christmas Cookie Cake

Christmas Cookie Cake 2

Baby shower "Cake" (with toys and other goodies inside):

Baby Shower "Cake"

This "cake" was built for a friend's baby shower. The body of the cake consisted of a couple of cylindrical cardboard boxes, filled with baby toys and other such gifts.

Top of Baby Shower "Cake"


Cat & Mouse Birthday Cake:

Birthday Cat and Mouse

One of Amy's earliest sculptured cakes, this was made for the birthday of a friend and coworker. The cat's head and the mouse were entirely formed of fondant, making them a bit sugary for consumption, but great for souvenirs.

Birthday Cat and Mouse

Made in conjunction with Beth:

Mr Hankey:

Mr Hankey Cake

Australia Day Cake:

Australia Day Cake

Foos Ball Cake

Amy Making Foos Player Cookies Amy & Beth with Finished Foos Cake


Amy also makes some regular just-plain-old-tasty cakes when I complain too much about the time and excessive sculpting she puts into the artistic kind:

Frangipane Tart:

Frangipane Tart

Big Batch of Tiramisu made with Lorna:

Tiramisu Made With Lorna