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2008-07-03 (E)

It has been quite a while, and we periodically get queries on what we are up-to. Hopefully this will justify any laxity in updates in the recent past and near future. Please also forgive grammar issues and rough flow, I'm a bit out-of-it at the moment.

Last fall we found that Amy was pregnant. This was a welcome bit of news, but we kept the news to ourselves for quite some time as we have suffered through a couple miscarriages in the past few years (yes, while traveling in the van, which may explain some of our unexplained pauses in travel periodically).

This time the first ultrasound images confirmed what looked like a viable fetus just as we were getting ready to head off to the Expedition Trophy mentioned in our last log entry. So our hopes held out.

After we returned from our holiday trip up through the Seattle area we had a second ultrasound and this time we could actually see more than just a miniscule spec on the screen. The technician and radiologist decreed all was well, and we should expect a daughter in mid-summer.
Baby Girl on the way

The next few months were, of course, filled with worry, but we also took some time to get out and enjoy the world. In March we met up with some of our friends from Montana and did some camping and bicycling around the Fruita, CO area.
Camping is cold

The area has many trails for biking, but Amy preferred to stick to the nice simple ones around the lake we were camped at, as she was starting to get a bit awkward with her expanding midsection.
Amy Biking while Pregnant

Mid-week we took our leave of the others and headed West for a few days to ourselves. The first night we camped in the edge of the San-Rafael swell on the boundary to the "castle country" of the Price, UT area.
Castle Country

We did a few hikes around as we had setup camp early, and watched the birds soar in the ridge-lift off the canyon edge a few hundred feet from our camping spot.

The snow was still on the ground in the shade of the North-facing slopes, and the wind kept the chill up.

Amy at cliff

The next few days we spent at the Brian-head ski resort near Cedar Breaks NP. The elevation here was over 10,000', and Amy found it exceedingly difficult to do normal activities such as climbing stairs and short walks, so we headed home soon.

As delivery time approached I worked to fix up the garage at out new house and began some initial assembly work on a sportbike I am building from pieces.
Terry Shepherd Frame Motorcycle

Up through Amy's delivery date we went on hikes to get to know the local mountains and trails around SLC, with the last 5 mile hike done on the day after her due-date.
Wasatch Hike while Pregnant

One week from her due-date Amy began having contractions that would not cease, and after a laborious 28 hour labor, a midnight ambulance ride, and following emergency cesarian-section, we had our daughter on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 8:35am.
Amy and Wild-Violet

Amy is recovering well, and as such we would like to present to the world, our daughter, Wild-Violet Danae Badger:
Erik and Wild-Violet


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